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24 Apr

The first new biography in decades, this well reviewed book is on our “Employee Shopping Day” pile of must haves: Music at Midnight: The Life and Poetry of George Herbert, by John Drury, new from The University of Chicago Press. May we also recommend the Everyman’s Pocket Poets edition of Herbert, and the Penguin Classic of The Complete English Poems?

For National Poetry Month then:


When my devotions could not pierce
Thy silent ears;
Then was my heart broken, as was my verse:
My breast was full of fears
And disorder:

My bent thoughts, like a brittle bow,
Did fly asunder:
Each took his way; some would to pleasures go,
Some to the wars and thunder
Of alarms.

As good go any where, they say,
As to benumb
Both knees and heart, in crying night and day,
Come, come, my God, O come,
But no hearing.

O that thou shouldst give dust a tongue
To cry to thee,
And then not hear it crying! all day long
My heart was in my knee,
But no hearing.

Therefore my soul lay out of sight,
Untuned, unstrung:
My feeble spirit, unable to look right,
Like a nipped blossom, hung

O cheer and tune my heartless breast,
Defer no time;
That so thy favors granting my request,
They and my mind may chime,
And mend my rime.

— George Herbert

24 Apr

A collection of literary maps from lands both real and imagined—

24 Apr

New from Ballantine Books and biographer Diane Jacobs, Dear Abigail: The intimate Lives and Revolutionary Ideas of Abigail Adams and Her Two Remarkable Sisters.

23 Apr

A Northwest favorite, Brian Doyle. We loved Mink River. We love his essays. Now we’re excited to have the new novel, The Plover, from Thomas Dunne Books (St. Martin’s Press.) Already on our bestseller list. And if the cake wasn’t good enough, here’s the icing: we’re hosting Brian on June 2 at the Seattle Public Library. The sweet life!

23 Apr

Last night we were thrilled to kick off Scholastic’s Worlds Collide tour featuring four of the nation’s favorite children’s book authors: James Dashner, Jude Watson, Gordon Korman, and Brandon Mull! Each author has written the first book in a bestselling Scholastic series—39 clues, Infinity Ring, and Spirit Animals—and yesterday fans of all ages joined us to meet the authors and partake in the carnival-esque atmosphere in the store. The four “#1s” performed skits for the crowd (complete with crazy accents) and then opened the floor up for a Q&A session before signing books.

The tour will only be making four stops nationwide, and we were honored to participate. Be sure to check out all of these great and interactive middle-grade series as well as the authors’ other works, which range from kids’ books to adult series.

- A Mutiny in Time: Infinity Ring by James Dashner

- Nowhere to Run: Unstoppable by Jude Watson

- Medusa Plot: Cahills vs. Vespers by Gordon Korman

- Wild Born: Spirit Animals by Brandon Mull

23 Apr

Bringing back the venerable genre of the “tearjerker” to a whole new generation, The Fault in Our Stars film adaptation of John Green’s novel, starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, hits movie theaters on June 6. Make sure to bring a hankie or box of tissues with you.

23 Apr

“When we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools.” — William Shakespeare. Happy Birthday to the greatest poet in the language.

23 Apr

Happy birthday to one of the greatest to ever write detective thrillers, the great Ngaio Marsh, born this day, April 23, 1899.

22 Apr


Happy Earth Day! Make your profile picture one of our magical Earth Day 2014 patches and spread the love of used books far and wide!

A sentiment we wholly share and endorse here at the University Book Store’s Used Book Buying Desk.

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22 Apr

Just got our first used copy of Carl Jung’s The Red Book. (We still stock new ones from W. W. Norton.) Exquisite.